New Cadet Members

If you want to become a pilot, the Civil Air Patrol is a great place to start! The CAP cadet program offers members between the ages of 11 and 18 the opportunity to participate in many national and International cadet activities. Whether you are interested in learning more about pararescue training or want to earn your solo wings or a glider pilot's license, you can do it all in the CAP.

All cadets participate in aerospace education and leadership programs, learn how to drill and can earn college scholarships. The program teaches you how to lead and you can progress through the ranks from Airman Basic to Lieutenant Colonel, running the squadron cadet program!

Because Squadron 61 is based at Camarillo, the squadron has its own airplane and regularly performs cadet orientation flights, letting all cadets take the controls and learn first-hand how an airplane flies. We also have good relationships with the military at Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station and also arrange orientation flights on C-130 Hercules, C-17 Globemaster III and hands-on M-16 rifle training.

New members should attend three meetings before applying. Visit us one Tuesday to find out more!

New Senior Members

If you are looking to get involved in an exciting volunteer program, the Civil Air Patrol offers you a diverse range of important and challenging opportunities. Pilots looking to exercise their flying skills can participate in the emergency services aircrew training program. Mission pilot training teaches you how to participate in a search and rescue mission, set up a search pattern, enter a search grid and perform exciting low level flying. Non-pilots can also participate as scanners and observers, possibly operating the high resolution optical equipment called ARCHER fitted to the GA-8 airvan.

Ground based personnel are trained to perform UDF (Urban Direction Finding) missions to look for ELTs (Emergency Locator Transmitters) that are triggered in the event of an accident. The Civil Air Patrol offers excellent first aid training and ground team search training programs.

Communications form a vital part of the CAP mission, and radio operators are often the first to learn how a mission is progressing. There are plenty of mission base positions that need to be filled to make a search mission operate effectively.

Cadet programs also form an important part of CAP's role. If you are knowledgeable about the aerospace industry and like to teach there are plenty of opportunities to provide cadets with training, knowledge and to inspire them to pursue a career in aerospace.

To join Squadron 61 you will need to attend three meetings. Your application will be reviewed by the membership board before being sent to National Headquarters for processing. Visit us one Tuesday to find out more!