Aerospace Education

Aerospace Dimensions is Civil Air Patrol's isx-module aerospace education program for cadets in Phases I/II. The modules are included as part of the package issued to new cadets.

Module 1: Introduction to Flight

How do aircraft fly? How do we control an airplane? Module I answers all these questions and more.

Module 2: Aircraft Systems and Airports

Controlling an aircraft through the sky needs high-tech (and not so high-tech) systems. Learn how aircraft engines work, what the pitot static system is, understand flight instruments and how we use them to navigate through the national airspace system.

Module 3: Air Environment

We live in Camarillo California. But not everywhere in the country has such beautiful weather. Learn the type of clouds, how they're formed and the hazards pilots face as they fly through the atmosphere.

Module 4: Rockets

Rockets are older than aircraft. The history of rockets extends from the ancient Chinese and Greeks to the present day. Learn about rocket systems and the major people responsible for the development of controlled rocket flight.

Module 5: Space Environment

Space is not empty: it is filled with gasses and galaxies, planets and pulsars. Learn what they all mean in Module 4.

Module 6: Spacecraft

Rockets may have taken us to the moon, but there are many more types of spacecraft. From the Shuttle to Skylab, humans and machines have been living in space for a long time.

Routine Activities

Each meeting will include some drill, and classroom particpation in aerospace education or leadership discussions. Cadets are encouraged to promote and will be tested on their knowledge. Cadets can participate in Emergency Services and learn about search and rescue and first air programs. Older cadets can participate in search missions as aircrew.